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Chest Locking

We use Bolt for chest/shulker protection
Chest Locks you make are removed after 60 days of inactivity on MC Exotic.
Most players will only need to know the basic functions of LWC. That is, protecting blocks and managing said protections.


/bolt trust (list/confirm/add/remove) <player> Prompt, list, or confirm changes to your trust access list.
/lock Lock something. Optionally provide a protection type to lock with (defaults to private)
/unlock Unlock a chest that you have locked
/bolt password Password-protect a block. Each time you login you need to enter the password to access it. (If someone else knows the password, they can access it too.)
/bolt transfer Transfer a protection to another player
/bolt mode <mode> Toggle player mode. Ex: persist, no lock, no spam
/bolt edit (add/remove) <player> Edit a protection to add or remove a player's access
/bolt modify (add/remove) <access> <source-type> <sources> Add or remove sources with given access to a protection's access list.
There are a few notable built-in access source types:
  • player for players
  • password for passwords entered with /bolt password
  • permission for permission nodes
  • group for groups managed by /bolt group
/bolt group (create/delete/add/remove/list) <group> <players> Manage custom player groups, which can be used in access lists
/bolt help Displays help
/bolt info Displays protection information