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Extra Storage

The server boasts that it has one of the finer storage systems this side of Minecraft. Extra storage allows players to store tons of items and blocks and with an added auto pickup ability.
/es - Accesses Extra Storage
Filtering Items

Adding Items to the Filter

Open extra storage with /es, then go to filtered items. Click on the filter and then click on the item(s) in that inventory that need to be added. Once in the filter, close out of extra storage before attempting to add items. If players do not close out, and try to add, it will instead delete the items from the filter.

Removing Items from the Filter

Click on the filter then on the item in extra storage. Even if there are still items in your extra storage, they won't disappear; to get them close extra storage and reopen. When removed the item will be deleted from your filter.
Adding/Removing Items from Extra Storage
Items need to be added to the filter before they can be added to extra storage.

Adding Items to Extra Storage

To add items from inventory, simply shift-right click the item in extra storage (do not click the items in the inventory).
Clicking on Storage Information Enables/Disables Auto Pickup. The server will send a message in chat saying either "you can now use this storage feature" if it has been turned on or "You are no longer using the storage feature." if it has been turned off.
Keep in mind that some custom server items, like the exploded pickaxe, ender pickaxe, and others may interfere with the auto pickup, so players will have to store them manually.

Removing Items from Extra Storage

To remove items from extra storage, left click for a single item, right click for a single stack, and shift left click to take as much as the player's inventory can hold.
Extra Storage boasts two sorting options that players can choose from.
Quantity sort, which sorts by how much or how little of each item there is.
Item Name sort which sorts by the items name in alphabetical order.

Finding an Item

If players have a lot of items, they may have more than one page. Simply click on the arrow to go to the next page.
If players have a substantial amount of different items, on the bottom right corner of extra storage is an option to search for items. Clicking it will open a chat box dialogue which players can then input keywords to search. Any items matching those keywords will then be displayed to players in extra storage.
Adding Extra Storage Space

Ranking Up

Each rank up gives the player an opportunity to earn more extra storage slots, seen here as +64 Mass Storage Slots (/es). As players rank up, the number of slots added will also grow.
Under Gameplay Perks in /tropistore, players can find an option to buy Extra Storage. This is currently the best option and offers players a great way to increase their extra storage space.