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Make or break your cash!
Lottery ticket purchases and winnings are taxed at 20%

Gambling! What can go wrong?

Lottery (Currently Disabled)

Our lottery plugin is very simple to say the least. In order to buy a lottery ticket just use the command /lotto buy [amount of tickets] Note that you can only buy a maximum of 20 Tickets per cycle to keep everything fair. These tickets will cost $800 for 1. At the end of the buying time a random person who purchased tickets will be chosen. That person will win all the money that was put into the draw.

Slot Machine

The quickest way to gamble is by using the slot machine. Using the command /gamble, you will be brought to a menu where you can bet a certain amount of money and gamble it! You will either lose everything, double your money, or something in between. You can set the price you want to gamble by clicking on the sign in the GUI menu. The minimum price you can gamble is $500. Once you have a price set, click the lever and wait for the magic to happen.