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Player Shops

This is the Player Shops guide, a good way to sell items to other players!
Player Shops are a great feature that allows players to create stores for others to buy and sell various items. Here is a list of steps to create your very own shop! When using these commands, make sure you are looking at the chest.


/chestshop create [amount] - Creates a chest shop for a certain item
/chestshop price - Changes the price of an item
/chestshop buy - Changes the shop to buying the item
/chestshop sell - Changes the shop to selling the item
/chestshop remove - Remove a chest shop
/chestshop setowner - Change the owner of a chest shop
/chestshop help - Get a list of commands


  • /qshop
  • /qsshop
  • /quickshop
  • /chestshop
  • /cshop
  • /qs
  • /cs

Without Commands

Yes, you can make chest shops without using most of the commands!

Creating a Player Shop

In order to create a shop, you need a chest and the item you want to either buy/sell.


  • Place the chest down where you want the shop to be, then with the item in hand shift-right-click the chest
  • In chat it will ask how much you want to sell or buy the item for, enter the amount.
  • After you enter the amount all you need to do is stock the chest if you are selling the items and you are all set!
If you want to buy the item you will need to do an extra step.
  • Left-click the sign and click the [Change] button next to Shop Mode in chat.
If you want to change the price, simply left-click the sign and click the [Change] button next to Price and input the new amount.
Want to remove the chest shop? Left-click the sign and click the [Remove Shop] button.
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