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Player Warps

Players can set their own warps for their builds, shops, and more using our player warp plugin. Below is the set of commands.


/pw or /pwarp - Brings up Player Warp Menu with Categories.
/pw set (name) - Creates a Player Warp, costs $8,000.
/pw cost set (warp) (cost) - Set the cost to travel to your warp, maximum $100.
/pw desc set/remove (warp) (description) - Set or remove your warp description.
/pw category (warp) (category) - Set your category for your warp. Available categories include House, Shop, Farm, Mob Grinder, PvP, and Other.
/pw rename (warp) (name) - Renames your warp, costs $2,500.
/pw reset (warp) - Moves warp to your current position, costs $3,000.
/pw rate (1-5) - Rate warps on a scale of 1 - 5.
/pw remove (name) - Remove your Player Warp.

Player Warp Limits per Rank:

Non-Donator Ranks
  • Frog: 1
Donator Ranks
  • Pear: 2
  • Mango: 3
  • Pineapple: 4
  • Pitaya: 10
  • Coconut: 20