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Marry your Bestie!
The marriage plugin available on MC Exotic allows players to connect in a unique and floppy way, with being able to 'link' two players together in holy matrimony.

How do you get married?

The first step to link yourself with your Minecraft lover are as follows:
1. Find a partner. It's best that you are familiar with your choice of partner and are compatible together on the server before proposing.
2. You must contact a staff member with a rank of MOD or above, requesting to be married. Follow the staff members' instructions, as they will often announce the warp you are to be married in.
3. The staff member will then proceed with: Do you <Player 1> wish to marry <Player 2> on this server?. To accept the marriage, you must type /marry accept. If you decide to change your mind, and don't think that you should marry that player. You can deny the marriage, by typing /marry deny.
Should you wish to be divorced, you must notify a staff member in order to do so.

What's the point?

Once married, typing /marry help shows all available commands between you and your partner. (NOTE: Hold your crouch key and right click to kiss your partner rather than /marry kiss)
Some basic commands that are exclusively for married couples are:
- /marry list | Able to view all married players on the server.
  • Shared Home with partner
  • Teleport to partner
  • XP boost when near partner (for Minecraft XP and mcMMO)
  • Faster health regeneration when near partner
  • Private Chat with partner
  • Marry players through a priest (Admin)
  • Enable/Disable PvP with your partner
  • Ability to kiss your partner (with particle effect)
  • Gift Items to your partner
  • View all married
  • Chat prefix
  • Surnames