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Fishing Totems

A fishing totem is a physical structure which you can build to gain additional passive effects while fishing for limited windows of time. Totems require a minimum PyroFishing level of 20 to be activated, and are intended to be a late-game progression.
To build: Vertically stack the items listed below such that the shape matches the image. The spruce stairs may be oriented in any direction as long as they are positioned correctly.
  • 1x Daylight Detector
  • 2x Observer
  • 4x Spruce Stairs
  • 1x Orange Glazed Terracotta
  • 1x Green Glazed Terracotta
  • 1x Anvil
To activate: With the enumerated items below in your inventory, right click the lower observer of the totem with a fishing rod.
  • 16x Dolphin Tail
  • 16x Crab Claw
  • 16x Crab Scale
  • 16x Squid Tentacle
  • 6x any Platinum-tier fish

Upgrading Fishing Totem

Three different upgrades can be applied to the totem at the incremental cost of entropy. The cost of the upgrade, in entropy, can be calculated by multiplying a set additional cost with the next upgrade level and adding that to the base cost.
Totem Radius
Base Entropy Cost: 150,000 Level Multiplying Cost: 75,000 Max Level: 5
Increases range of totem’s effects. The bobber does not have to be within the range, but the player must.
Limit: 30 blocks
Active Time
Base Entropy Cost: 125,000 Level Multiplying Cost: 125,000 Max Level: 20
Increases duration of totem effects
Limit: 39 minutes
Cooldown Reduction
Base Entropy Cost: 175,000 Level Multiplying Cost: 125,000 Max Level: 7
Decreases cooldown time for using totem
Limit: 25 minutes

Totem Passives

Totem passives require available passive slots. A player may have up to 15 passive slots when maxed out. Opening a new passive slot requires either 1x Mythical-tier fish or 7x Platinum-tier fish per number of slots, meaning the cost of opening the 15th passive slot would be either 15 Mythical-tier fish or 105 Platinum-tier fish. Unlocking slots does not allow for mixing Platinum and Mythical fish to satisfy the requirements; i.e. at each level, the fish you use to upgrade must all be the same tier.
The totem passives are not the same as upgrades and do not cost entropy, but rather minimum PyroFishing levels and available passive slots. They build upon the other aspects of PyroFishing. Passives take effect whenever the totem is active (so they have no effect during cooldowns).
Minimum Fishing Level
Passive Slots Unlocked
Experienced Fisherman
XP gain multiplier (1.5x) when fishing
Little Critters
Increased chance of crab drops when crab is killed within totem range
Fish Schools
35% better chance for Hot Spot and Call of the Storm to activate
Random Drops
Chance to get squid tentacles or dolphin tails from killing crabs
Treasure Hunter
1% chance to find rare items while fishing
Mythical Waters
20% chance to upgrade a caught fish by one tier
Entropy Hoarder
1.25x entropy multiplier when fishing