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Every so often, a PyroFishing tournament will happen. These last 10 minutes and there are four types. The first three ranking players are rewarded specifically, but all participants earn a modest quantity of bonus entropy.
Becoming a participant in a tournament requires only that you’ve caught a fish satisfying the tournament criterium (eg. for the Most Fish and Length tournaments, catching just one custom fish enters you, whereas the Platinum fish tournament requires you to catch at least one Platinum-tier fish during the tournament, or else you will not be considered entered). The better your fishing rod is with both vanilla enchants and custom augments, the more advantage you have during tournaments.

Tournament Types

  • Length: Catch the longest fish. Fish lengths vary randomly and only matter during this tournament.
  • Most Fish: Catch the greatest number of custom fish within the tournament time frame.
  • Lucky Catch: Be the first to catch a Platinum-Tier fish. Quantity doesn’t matter.
  • `Random Catch: Be the first to catch a specifically named custom fish. Quantity doesn’t matter.