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Our Land Claiming Plugin
Here at Mc Exotic we use Towny as our main claiming system. With Towny you’re able to claim land in the Fantasy World, and the Vanilla World. With this claimed land, you can use it to create a town. Grow your town by inviting players to join you. The more supportive your town is to a player, the more likely you are to get people to join! Grow your town and nation and try to become one of the best! Below is a more in depth description of how Towny works! Check out /warp Tutorial to see a quick explanation on Towny. Or if you aren’t up to reading, watch this playlist that explains how Towny works!

Town Menu

Control your town easily with a gui! Use /townmenu to easily see all the town flags and commands you may need along your journey. Use /t to show all your town info such as number of claims, residents, upkeep, town bank balance, and more.


Upkeep is a very important part of Towny! If your town does not pay its upkeep, it will land in debt. While your town is in debt, it is vulnerable to deletion. Luckily we have a no stealing/griefing rule, so if this were to happen, a staff member would be able to assist you in fixing the issues. If your town goes into debt, you have a limited amount of time to deposit the money required reclaim it. Use the command /t deposit to get out of debt, this way your town won't be deleted. If you do not put money into the town within the limited timeframe, you will have to make a new town. If your town deletes, expect certain blocks to disappear, such as signs, beds, redstone, torches, doors, and pressure plates. These cannot be brought back, and should be considered a consequence of letting your town die.


Town Creation: $5,000
Nation Creation: $20,000
Town Merge: $10,000
Claim Chunk: $75 Per Chunk Claimed
Bonus Block Buy: $250 Per Bonus Chunk Purchased
Town Rename: $1,000
Nation Rename: $7,500
Outpost Buy: $10,000
Upkeep Cost Increase Per Chunk: $20
Default /t spawn Cost: $10 (/t set spawncost <price>)
Default Plot Tax: $0 (/t set taxes <tax>)

Claim Chunks

You may notice you have a limited number of chunks you can claim for your town. Do not worry! There are many ways you can get more claim chunks. The easiest and fastest way would be to join a nation. Nations, depending on its size, offer a significant amount of bonus claims. You can see all the nations, ranked from largest to smallest, by typing /n list. Another quick way to get more claim chunks is by buying them! By using /t buy bonus <number> you’re able to buy a set number of bonus claims. The number of bonus claims your town is able to buy, is listed in /t.The number of bonus blocks available to your town will change with its size. The town level info is listed in a paragraph below titled, Town Levels. The final way to earn additional claim blocks is by adding residents. To do this, you must invite a player to your town with /t invite <player name>. When a player joins your town, your town will be granted 7 additional claim chunks. If this player leaves your town, and you’ve already claimed the number of chunks they brought with them, do not worry! Your town will not become unclaimed for those 7 chunks. Instead, your maximum claims will just drop down by the number you’ve lost, and you will not be able to claim more chunks until you’ve made up for the lost claims. You can do this by simply getting more players to join your town.

Town Levels

There are 8 different town levels your town may reach. In order to advance to the next level, your town must reach a certain number of residents. Below is a list of each town level, and the perks you unlock when you achieve it.

Level 1: Shelter

Mayor Prefix: Hermit
Number of Residents: 1-4
Bonus Block Limit: 15
Outpost Limit: -1 (No Outposts)

Level 2: Flock

Mayor Prefix: Leader
Number of Residents: 5-9
Bonus Block Limit: 35
Outpost Limit: 1

Level 3: Cove

Mayor Prefix: Alpha
Number of Residents: 10-14
Bonus Block Limit: 60
Outpost Limit: 1

Level 4: Pack

Mayor Prefix: Honcho
Number of Residents: 15-24
Bonus Block Limit: 85
Outpost Limit: 2

Level 5: Village

Mayor Prefix: Chief
Number of Residents: 25-34
Bonus Block Limit: 135
Outpost Limit: 3

Level 6: Colony

Mayor Prefix: Duke
Number of Residents: 35-44
Bonus Block Limit: 185
Outpost Limit: 4

Level 7: Horde

Mayor Prefix: King
Number of Residents: 45-59
Bonus Block Limit: 235
Outpost Limit: 5

Level 8: Paradise

Mayor Prefix: Lord
Number of Residents: 60+
Bonus Block Limit: 310
Outpost Limit: 6

Town Ranks

Do you feel like you need some help running your town? With town ranks you’re able to give specific people permission to do various things in your town! The ranks in order from highest to lowest are, Co-Mayor, Assistant, Builder, Sheriff. To grant someone a role in your town, use /t rank add <player name> <rank>. If you want a friend from another town to be trusted in your town, do /t trust <player name>. For more information on how to set up permissions for your friends in your town, see the paragraph below titled Town Permissions. Below is a list of permissions each town rank has.


Exempt from town taxes
Can claim chunks for the town
Can invite players to the town
Can toggle the towns Public Status
Can outlaw players from the town
Has town bypass permissions for build, switch, destroy, and container
Has plot bypass permissions for build, switch, destroy, and container
Inherits all permissions below


Exempt from town taxes
Can invite players to the town
Has town bypass permissions for build, switch, destroy, and container


Exempt from taxes
Has town bypass permissions for build, switch, destroy, and container


Can outlaw players from town
Can jail players into the towns jail
Can unjail players from the towns jail