MC Exotic Wiki

Basic Plugins

Here are all the basic plugins that can't fill up an entire page, but still deserve a mention!


We have many different plugins on our server, this page is to discuss the small, but still useful ones!

Armoured Elytras

When it comes to elytras, you have to sacrifice your chestplate in order to use it, usually. With the Armoured elytra plugin you can merge your chestplate with an elytra to get the benefits of protection and being able to fly! In order to merge the 2 items, just put both your chestplace and elytra into an anvil, then you will have an armoured elytra!

Invisible Item Frames

If you want to decorate your base with items but don't like the bulky frame, you can make them invisible on our server! To make one item frame invisible, while looking at an item frame, use the command /itf toggle and it will become invisible! In order to make multiple item frames invisible without typing the command over and over again, use the command /itf togglemode and right click each item frame you want invisible. using these commands on an invisible item frame will make it normal again, so don't be afraid!

Armour Stands

Java has quite a bit of limitations on armour stands, so we have installed a plugin to make them more unique! Use the command /ast to get tools to edit armour stands! (Running the command will clear your inventory, using the command a second time returns your inventory)

Player Warps

If you want to set a public warp for other players to visit, Player Warps are the best way to do so. By using the command /pw set [name] at the location you want your warp that everyone can visit! Please note that it does cost money to make a warp, and deleting a warp with /pw remove [name] will not return your money. You can change the spawn of your warp with /pw reset [name] also costs money as well as /pw rename [name] [newname]. You can also rate someone's warp with /pw rate [name] and make your warp featured in the /pw menu buy renting a spot!


It is really easy to send emojis in chat. To see the list of emojis use the command /emojis. This will give a list of emojis and how to show them in chat. These emojis act the same as they do in discord; they show up in discord too! by using a colon at the start, using the emoji word and a colon at the end, you will send an emoji into chat! You can also do /e and press tab until you find the emoji that you want to use.

XP Bottles

Do you ever want to sell or save your experience? By using the command /bottle <amt/all> you will be able to move xp from your player to 1 bottle! You can then use it to sell, mend tools, or just save incase of death.

Slime Chunk Location

You can locate slime chunks! To do so, find a baby slime (the smallest variant) and pick it up with a bucket by right-clicking. When walking over a slime chunk, the slime in the bucket will get excited and jump around! If you are not in a slime chunk the slime will stay put.


If you want to teleport to a player or have a player teleport to you, it's simple! Using the command /tpa [playername] you can request to teleport to another player which will give them the option to accept or decline. To request a player to teleport to you, use the command /tpahere [playername] which will also give them the option to accept or decline. To accept or decline a teleport request, either click the Accept/Decline messages in chat or type the command /tpaccept or/tpdeny

Paying Players

If you want to give a player some money you can by doing the /pay [amount] command, don't be too generous though, you need money too!

Grappling Hooks

You can use grappling hooks to go places faster than before! There are three types of grappling hooks you can craft, they all do something different! To use the grappling hook, just righ click the hook like you would a regular fishing rod, and right click again to move! (PS: Jumping helps too)

Land Grappling Hook Air Grappling Hook Water Grappling Hook


By using the command /trade you can trade with a player from anywhere in the game! Once the player accepts the trade request, a menu will appear on your screen to trade! You will then be able to decline or accept any trade, and be able to se what the other player puts in their section live! By clicking the gold on the bottom you can also pay players with in-game money. To accept or decline a trade, press the corresponding coloured blocks in the middle!