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How voting works on The MCX

Vote Sites

Voting is a crucial part of our server, it helps us reach more players! In order to rank up you need to vote, you also get vote keys and an additional minute of fly time. To vote, you can access the sites in our Discord FAQ, using the command /vote in-game, or right here! On these sites you just put your IGN (In-Game Name) a possible review, and captcha. Then you can cash your vote keys at /warp crates

Here are all the vote sites!

Voting on NameMC

You can now vote for us on NameMC! This is a one time voting system, and if you vote, you will get large rewards. To vote for the server do /namemc vote. This will give you a link to vote for, which is: Once you log into your NameMC account and like our page, you can then use the command /namemc verify to get your rewards!